TIM, Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Advertising, Commercials, 2019

Welcome, Minnie! A very special dancer joins Mickey Mouse in the new TIM, Havas commercial

In the wake of Mickey Mouse’s birth celebration, Minnie joins the new national communication TIM campaign featuring Mickey and the dancer Sven Otten. Taking the cue from Luca Josi (Tim's Brand Strategy, Media and Multimedia Enterntainment manager) and Havas Milan's advertising concept, Disney's most famous couple dance side by side

with TIM's testimonial on the notes of "Kiss the Sky" by Jason Derulo. In a compelling game of colourful wires, Mina's voice flows through, recalling the upcoming Sanremo Music Festival. Maga animation studio once again had the chance to take care not only of Mickey's but also Minnie's dancing performance. We love Disney!!!



Creative Direction
Luca Josi
Job type
CG animated commercial
Creative Agency
Havas Milan
Production Company
Think Cattleya
Minnie & Mickey Mouse CG Character Animation, lighting, rendering, compositing
Maga Animation Studio
Executive Producer, Chief Creative Officer
Max Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Massimo Gentili
Character model/supervising
Raffaella Calvino Prina
CG Character Animation
Giordania Raccah (animation director) and Chiara Porri
Modeling & Texture
Laura Perfetto (modeling), Alessia Garofalo
Head of CG
Lucio Silla
Look Dev, Lighting & Compositing
Michele Molluso
Post Production Video & Motion Graphics
Frame by Frame
Post Production Audio


  • TIM, Minnie and Mickey Mouse
  • TIM, Minnie and Mickey Mouse
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    Minnie and Mickey Mouse

    A perfect dancing couple
    Minnie and Mickey Mouse