TIM, Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary

Advertising, Commercials, 2018

A great performer for the new TIM commercial: Mickey Mouse!

To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, Tim renews its partnership with Disney and Havas creative agency to launch a new national communication campaign featuring Mickey Mouse and the dancer Sven Otten. A wild duo with Mickey as an expert electro-swing dancer on the notes of "Another day of sun", and the star of Tim, apostrophized by the awesome voice of the national singer Mina. 

Maga animation studio, thanks to its year-long character animation experience with Disney, had the opportunity to gave life to the legendary Mickey Mouse by perfectly blending his unique style with a modern dance choreography. From modeling, rigging, animation to render, the studio followed all the steps with passion and maximum care.



Creative Direction
Luca Josi
Job type
CG animated commercial
Creative Agency
Havas Milan
Production Company
Think Cattleya
Mickey Mouse CG Character Animation, lighting, rendering, compositing
Maga Animation Studio
Executive Producer, Chief Creative Officer
Max Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Massimo Gentili
Character model/supervising
Raffaella Calvino Prina
CG Character Animation
Giordania Raccah (animation director), Claudia Arcangeli
Modeling & Texture
Giacomo Colivicchi (modeling), Alessia Garofalo
Head of CG
Lucio Silla
Look Dev, Lighting & Compositing
Michele Molluso
Post Production Video & Motion Graphics
Frame by Frame
Post Production Audio


  • TIM, Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary
  • TIM, Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary
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    Mickey Mouse

    Happy Birthday Mickey!
    Mickey Mouse