Maga Animation Studio

A place where the magic happens!

Founded in Milan in 1996.

Maga animation studio was set up in 1996 with the aim of developing new experimental and artistic techniques of animation for the entertainment industry, Tv, cinema and video games and with a commitment towards exporting its work to the international market for a real high quality “Made in Italy” product.

Maga concentrates on two fields: one of providing facilities and acting as a production company for animation projects for the entertainment and game industry, including animated series, advertising and cinema, and one of experimentation and artistic research.
All is merged with own internal R&D philosophy and workflow, to follow perfectly the needs of each project.
The creative team have special attention dedicated to CG animation but also using 2D digital, traditional drawings, and mixed techniques. The studio’s various styles are often combined in order to better sustain and support the specific stories and projects dealt with.




Massimo Carrier Ragazzi

Founder, Chief Creative Officier, Executive producer


Raffaella Calvino Prina

CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Art Director


Massimo Gentili

Head of Studio, team & projects coordinator


Lorenzo Marini

Head of animated series production

We are Maga, and we love animation, share your challenges with us!