Advertising, Commercials, 2019

For 2019 Universiade's edition, hosted in Naples, Maga Animation together with 3zero2 created its official promo.

This year's Universiade took place in the beautiful Naples, Italy. On this occasion, 3zero2 and Maga Animation achieved to create an intertwined link between Campania's highlights and the Olympic games. Starting from Faraglioni, Gulf of Naples, Castel dell'Ovo and passing through Maradona's graffiti portrait, inner city's buildings, Pompei and Capua's archaeological remains, we discover where every sport featured in Universiade finds an ideal setting. 

The low-poly visual treatment given to each character, matched with a soft and balmy sky artwork, are perfectly embedded in a photorealistic environment, giving to the footage a palpitating glow of life, while the logo striped stars lead the way. A relentless pace and a staggering soundtrack rush every athlete to the end, which is at once Universiade's beginning: the arrival of the Olympic torch.


3DAdvertisingCGICommercialsCommissioned film

Job type
CG animated commercial
Created and Directed by
Elio Deponti
Production Manager
M. Elisa Fumagalli
3zero2 Project Supervisor & Art Director
Elio De Ponti
Lighting, Look Dev & Compositing supervisor
Alessandro Pai, Michele Molluso
Lighting & Compositing assistants
Gabriele Tonsi, Elena Marziani
Rigging & Pre-Visualization
Lucio Silla
Alfonso Coppola, Giacomo Colivicchi
Animation Team
Giordana Raccah, Claudia Arcangeli
Motion graphics
Katia Marmonti - 3zero2
Andrea Cespa
Sound FX & Mix
Angelo Bramante



  • Universiade
  • Universiade
  • Universiade
  • The protagonists

    Universiade's logo striped stars

    the Olympics spirit is here!
    Universiade's logo striped stars
  • The protagonists

    An athlete at Pompei's archaeological site

    Swirling around the sport
    An athlete at Pompei's archaeological site
  • The protagonists

    A full of life historical centre

    Playing basketball in the inner city
    A full of life historical centre