Talent Explorers

Trailers, 2020

Talent Explorers, an ambitious CG animated project that is being produced in collaboration between Barça Studios and Sony Music Latin Iberia.

In Talent Explorers, Max, Roc and Lynda, a group of very special scouts who travel all around the world looking for new talent to put together a team to represent Barça in a tournament. They will discover different children from different backgrounds, such as Marco, Hao, Aisha and Lyli, who all have very special skills. Talent Explorers, an ambitious animated project that is being produced by FC Barcelona’s audiovisual production factory in collaboration with Sony Music Latin Iberia (whose media content division is now headed by Sergi Reitg), with whom the Club signed a strategic agreement last summer to create unique entertainment experiences and promote ideas that connect music and sport to fans around the world. 

Maga Animation Studio took care of the CG production and animation of the launch trailer, from modeling, rigging and animation to the final output (light, render, comp & FX). A great collaboration between Spain, Italy and USA, we joined forces with international talented artists and studios such as the Academy Award nominee Tab Murphy, (TarzanBrother BearThe Hunchback of Notre DameTeen Titans). Tomavision for pre-production, concept development, and Jorge Blanco, director of Spain’s top-grossing home-grown animation, Planet 51, and of Goya Award winner, serves as creative director on the series.


3Danimated seriesFilm/TV

Client / Producer
Sony Music Latin Ibera - FC Barcelona
Job type 
Animated series
Executive Producers    
Paco Latorre
Sergi Reitg
Creative Director 
Jorge Blanco
Tab Murphy
Music theme
Estopa “Sigo un sueño”
Project Manager
Marta Miramón
Concept Development, pre-production
Tomavision (Spain)

CG Production & Animation
Maga Animation StudioChief Creative Officer, Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Production Management
Massimo Gentili (head of production)
Maria Elisa Fumagalli (production manager)
Modeling, Fur and Grooming
Alfonso Coppola (character modeling lead and grooming)
Giacomo Colivicchi (environment lead)
Jacopo Ortolani
Marta Treccani
Luca Facchinetti
Gianmarco Villa
Cristian Sica
Alessia Garofalo (Supervisor)
Marco Carminati (additional props)
Domenico Zenone Papetti
Lucio Silla (Supervisor)
Serena Tripepi
Alessandro Portincasa
CG Layout & Animation
Giordana Raccah (Supervisor)
Elisabetta Silva
Luca Barberis Organista
Ilaria Angelini
Alessandro Tarallo
Francesca Pietrobelli
Stefano Trivero
Elena Ortolan
Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, FX
Michele Molluso (Supervisor)
Alfonso Coppola
Alessandro Mattielli
Gabriele Tonsi
Mattia Bruno (additional FX)
Logo, Opening Design GFX (TOOmuch)
Elio Deponti (lead designer)
Fabio Bompani (CG)
Motion Graphics intro and display GFX
Teresa Bandini
Gaia Carrier Ragazzi (TOOmuch)
Tech infrastructure
Francesco Moretto (CTO)
Alessandro Pennati
Administration department and contract
Raffaella Calvino Prina (CFO)
Elisabetta Stoppa
Tiziana Coltro



  • Talent Explorers
  • Talent Explorers
  • Talent Explorers
  • Talent Explorers
  • Talent Explorers
  • Talent Explorers
  • The protagonists


    He's the young captain
  • The protagonists


    She's smart and with tech-savvy knowledge
  • The protagonists


    Big, but with a heart of gold