Stannah, Fable

Advertising, Commercials, 2019

Finding the right prince!

Sometimes life needs a little bit of magic, and Stannah knows best.

Brought about by an Italian and French endevour, Stannah's new advertisting campaign emphasises the "magic" touch it conveys to everyday's life. Drawing inspiration from fairy tales narrative trope, Stannah's stairlifts and elevators represent a magical element, similar to those found in storybooks, which help heroes and heroines to reach the prize at the end of their journey.   

The 30'' commercial created by Dolci Advertising and realized by Maga Animation Studio, aims at revealing how Stannah's devices can bring back the bliss of moving to those who have troubles going up or down stairs.  The studio put his the efforts to build an original modern 2D digital paperless style, very fresh and expressive. 


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Job type
2D animated commercial
Creative Agency
Dolci Advertising 
Creative Direction
Guido Cornara
Barbara Guenzati
Art Direction
Domenico Piraino
Alberto Politi
Anna Ferrario
Executive Producer, Chief Creative Officer
Max Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Massimo Gentili
Directed by
Paolo Arisi
2D Animation
Paolo Arisi, Claudia Giorgini,
Sara Mizzi, Dileep Leppi
Post-Production & Compositing
Too Much - Monza 
Gaia Carrier Ragazzi
Eleonora Di Nardo


  • Stannah, Fable
  • Stannah, Fable
  • The protagonists

    The prince

    love always wins!
    The prince
  • The protagonists

    The princess

    nice, sweet, true love
    The princess