Leo e Giulia - Noi come voi!

Commissioned Film, 2020

Leo and Giulia, English Version

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele along with Maga Animation Studio explains to children how to defend themselves and others from COVID-19

UNIsr and the Hospital San Raffaele launches a scientific dissemination and health education project born from the idea of ​​Prof. Anna Odone, Associate of General Hygiene at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele. A cartoon dedicated to children and young primary school students that explains, in a correct but also fun way, the "Coronavirus emergency".

Maga Animation, proud and happy to have given a hand in the scientific dissemination of such an important message, took care of every aspect of this 2D traditional / paperless animated short, from the concept/format creation to characters and backgrounds design, always keeping in mind a style that could speak clearly to children but that could also get them involved and entertain them.


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UNISR - Ospedale San Raffaele
Job type 
Animated series
Written by
Anna Odone
Created and produced by
Maga animation studio
Executive Producer
Max Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Sandra Pascuzzo
Directed by
Paolo Arisi
2D Animation
Paolo Arisi (Supervisor)
Riccardo Ragazzini, Giacomo Rinaldi,
Luca Barberis Organista, Francesca Pietrobelli
Sara Mizzi,  Stefano Trivero, Gioia Petrucci
Tommaso Tamburini, Adolfo Di Molfetta, Linda Kelvink 
Pre Production
Paolo Arisi (Main Characters, Art direction, Storyboard) 
Andreana Boatta (Backgound and Illustrations)
Alessia Garofalo (Art Director, Character Designer)
Post-Production & Compositing - TOOMUCH 
Eleonora Di Nardo
Gaia Carrier Ragazzi
Original music
Demetrio Focarelli
Sound Design and mix
Paolo Piccardo
Emanuele Belgrano (original guitar performer)
Dubbing & Original voices
SAMPLE Srl Milano



  • Leo e Giulia - Noi come voi!
  • Leo e Giulia - Noi come voi!
  • Leo e Giulia - Noi come voi!
  • Leo e Giulia - Noi come voi!
  • Leo e Giulia - Noi come voi!
  • The protagonists


    Bad and ugly, won't scare us!
  • The protagonists


    Smart and detailed, will show us how to defend ourselves
  • The protagonists


    So many questions to ask!
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