Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope DLC 2, Ubisoft

Videogames, 2023

Looking into the lost sounds of the Melodic Garden we joined Mario and his squad once again!

Maga Animation Studio is glad to have worked with Ubisoft Milan Studio on the animation of different in-game cinematics for the new AAA videogame "Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope - DLC 2: The Last Spark Hunter". Exploring the secrets of this new land and enriching the player's experience with brand-new animations and features. In detail, our Studio dealt with different types of tasks:

character animation for Cinematics, gameplay, additional modeling and various tech aspects, like integration as well using Snowdrop™ Ubisoft's real-time proprietary engine.
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Ubisoft Milan Studios, Ubisoft Paris
Job type 
character animation for in-game cinematics, 
gameplay animation, lighting, FX 
Executive producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi 
Head of studio and game production
Massimo Gentili
Production assistant
Angela Pollone
Layout Previz Team
Teresa Bandini, Ilaria Angelini
Cinematic Animators
Giordana Raccah (supervisor), Alessandro Tarallo, Claudia Arcangeli, Daniele Avitabile,  Davide Maugeri, Elena Ortolan, Elisabetta Silva, Flavio Carnevale, Loris Giordano
Gameplay Animators
Elena Wanda Lunardi (Lead) , Andrea Filippetti, Gabriele Scudiero
Narrative Team
NicolaToffoletto (Lead), Gianmarco Villa, Guglielmo Audenino
Technical Artists
Serena Tripepi (Supervisor), Andrea Pellegrino, Alessandro Portincasa,
Riccardo Rebaioli (Lighter)
3D modeler: Suleyman Sacchi, Domenico Zenone Papetti
Administration team
Raffaella Calvino Prina, Tiziana Coltro, Elisabetta Stoppa, Laura Crotti
IT department
Alessandro Pennati (Lead)



  • Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope DLC 2, Ubisoft
  • Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope DLC 2, Ubisoft
  • Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope DLC 2, Ubisoft
  • Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope DLC 2, Ubisoft
  • The protagonists


    she has her own plans to conquer the galaxy
  • The protagonists

    Mecha King Bob-omb

    Hey Mario, watch out for his bombs!
    Mecha King Bob-omb