Soulstice Cinematics, Reply Game Studios

Videogames, 2022

Maga Animation explored its passion for the anime world with this incredible collaboration with Reply Game Studios on their action slasher “Soulstice”.

The team of our studio joined forces with Reply Game Studios to create the cinematics from start to finish on their breathtaking latest release, the dark fantasy-style action RPG Soulstice. We worked side by side with Reply's creative directors to develop the visual storytelling around the cinematics, over 80 minutes, starting from storyboarding to crafting the animation and giving the images their finishing touch through CG look dev, VFX, and lighting. It was a great challenge and an amazing opportunity for our team to experiment with new aesthetics on the art side and master the real-time engine Unreal on the tech side. 

This hack-and-slash game was fully developed in Italy and was proudly released on the 20th of September 2022. It was a great challenge working with such a professional team as Reply Game Studios on a very ambitious project like Soulstice! Thank you to all the team involved in the production. © 2021 Forge Reply s.r.l. Soulstice and all signs included are trademarks of Forge Reply s.r.l. All rights reserved. Published by Modus Games™. Modus Games™ and the Modus™ logo are trademarks of Modus Games, LLC. All rights reserved. All other trademarks or registered trademarks belong to their respective owners.


Video Games

Reply Game Studios


Job type
Game Cinematics, FX, cinematic direction

Production Company Developer
Reply Game Studios

Modus Games

Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi

Head of Production
Massimo Gentili

Cinematics Director, story artist
Stefano Trivero

CG Layout / previz team
Ilaria Angelini (Lead)
Alessandro Tarallo
Giordana Raccah
Nicola Toffoletto

Character animation
Stefano Trivero (Supervisor)
Giordana Raccah
Claudia Arcangeli
Alessandro Tarallo
Ilaria Angelini
Luca Barberis Organista
Elisabetta Silva
Valentino Ballestri

TD Supervisor, Modeling & UE Integration
Giacomo Colivicchi

UE Integration
Laura Perfetto
Serena Tripepi (pipeline)

VFX team
Nicola Danese (FX Supervisor)
Marco Merletti (senior FX artist)
Paolo Consorti 

Look dev and lighting
Michele Molluso (DOP and lighting Supervisor)
Alfonso Coppola (Lead)
Gabriele Tonsi



  • Soulstice Cinematics, Reply Game Studios
  • Soulstice Cinematics, Reply Game Studios
  • Soulstice Cinematics, Reply Game Studios
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    A dark and mysterious fantasy world. A deep and multifaceted combat system
  • The protagonists


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