Soulstice Trailers, Reply Game Studios, Modus

Videogames, 2022

Story Cinematic Trailer

weapons featurette: Whip

weapons featurette: Sword

weapons featurette: Armcannon

weapons featurette: Punchdagger

weapons featurette: Hammer

weapons featurette: Bow

weapons featurette: Gauntlet

Discover the secrets of this awesome hack-and-slash game, one trailer at a time crafted by our studio's artists for the worldwide launch campaign!  

Going more in-depth into Soulstice’s dark world, to unravel its settings and creatures, our trailers Studio's team supported Reply Game Studios and Modus Games in the launch campaign of the game: from the announcement to the first release. Making the launch trailer, the cinematic story trailer, and the weapons featurettes. Our team took care of the direction, editing of the trailers, 

and the creation of the original soundtracks played live by great metal cross-over musicians.

© 2021 Forge Reply s.r.l. Soulstice and all signs included are trademarks of Forge Reply s.r.l. All rights reserved. Published by Modus Games™. Modus Games™ and the Modus™ logo are trademarks of Modus Games, LLC. All rights reserved. All other trademarks or registered trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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MODUS™ Games


Job type
Story Trailer, Launch Trailer, Featurettes

Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi

Head of production
Massimo Gentili

Senior Editor and trailers direction 
Eleonora Di Nardo

Original Music and trailers soundtracks
Simone Carbone
Marco Fuliano
© Maga animation music Publishing 2022

Sound FX Design
Paolo Piccardo
Emilio Pozzolini

AE Compositing (featurette)
Fabio Bompani



  • Soulstice Trailers, Reply Game Studios, Modus
  • Soulstice Trailers, Reply Game Studios, Modus
  • Soulstice Trailers, Reply Game Studios, Modus
  • The protagonists

    Briar and Lute together!

    Ghosts, the Taken and the Haunted have invaded the world
    Briar and Lute together!