Extreme Football™

Animated series, 2015

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In each stand-alone episode, kids who have grown up in front of a computer, learn to live and work together through amazing street football.

Extreme Football is an urban spin off of traditional five-a-side incorporating elements of free running and acrobatics. It is a sport created by and for children: the minute Samy discovers it, he is bent on captaining a team. He sets about recruiting his closest friend Greg and Mediterranean girl Ines as defenders, quick-witted Luna as the star striker and hyperactive Joey as the goalkeeper.

All together they form The Team. Competing in a shopping mall still under construction, rivalries are based on players’ dedication to creativity, craft and skill. The Team’s sworn enemies are The Dark Sides, who use dirty tactics – provocation, trickery and hoaxes. Trained by Samy’s stepbrother Tag, will The Team succeed in winning with style?


3Danimated seriesCGIFilm/TV

Extreme Football
HD - 39x26 min.
Job type
action TV series for Kids 7-12
Directed by
Franck Michel
Created by
Philippe Alessandri, Giorgio Welter
Produced by
Teleimages Production / Maga Animation Studio



  • Extreme Football™
  • The protagonists

    The Team

    Young and powered heroes!
     The Team
  • The protagonists

    Dark side

    The villains of the competition
    Dark side
  • The protagonists

    The Magics

    Have a phenomenal strike!
    The Magics
  • The protagonists

    Del Toro

    Unbreakable family bond
    Del Toro
  • The protagonists

    The Ninjaz

    Incredible speed and agility
    The Ninjaz

Awards and mentions


Best TV pilot
Cartoons of the Bay 2012
International Jury

Official Selection
International FICTS Fest 2014

Official Selection
Overtime Film Festival 2015
TV sport series
Macerata - Italy

Official selection
Rome Fiction Fest 2015
Action Kids TV series
Rome - Italy