Tenderly for inclusivity "crab"

Advertising, Commercials, 2019

Welcome little crab, in our multi subject campaign signed by Meloria and Maga Animation studio it's arrived a new friend.

Tenderly has always taken care of family in the first place, focusing on core values such as softness and wellness. “Be tender with everyone” endorses inclusivity, embracing diversities and valuing differences as identities. Bianca, Tenderly’s brand character, takes the lead in each of the three commercials: curious and amazed, she interacts with the natural world, where peculiarities, exceptions, distinctiveness stand for beauty and uniqueness that utterly fascinates her. 

The project created by Meloria, a creative independent agency that has handled Lucart group brands’ communication for years. Bianca and her fairy world were accomplished by Maga Animation Studio, which endorsed Tenderly’s communication by looking after character design and feature production. This time, Bianca meets a clappy friend at the seaside: together, they both let loose and dance! 



Lucart Group S.p.A.
Job type
CG animated commercial
Creative Agency
Meloria, Milano-Genova
Chief Creative Officer, Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Massimo Gentili
Art Direction, BG & Character design 
Alessia Garofalo
Storyboard, story artist
Paolo Arisi
CG Layout
Teresa Bandini
Lead Modeler
Giacomo Colivicchi
TD lead, rigging
Serena Tripepi
Character Animation
Giordana Raccah
Lighting, rendering, compositing
Michele Molluso (supervisor)
Elena Marziani
Music & Sound Design
Andrea Quarta 
Audio Post Production, Sync & Mix 5.1
Paolo Piccardo
"Bianca" main character design, created by
Alice Risi


  • Tenderly for inclusivity
  • Tenderly for inclusivity
  • The protagonists


    Who's going to meet this time?
  • The protagonists


    He's hard outside, but tender inside