Ubisoft "Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure”

Trailer, 2018

Ubisoft "MRKB+Donkey Kong” E3 live music performance with Grant Kirkhope

Maga dealt with a new amazing challenge: Ubisoft "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong" E3 announcement trailer

Once again, Maga Animation Studio had the big chance to join Sunny Side Up (Canada) and Ubisoft (Montpellier and Milan) in the accomplishment of “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong” game announcement trailer for E3 in Los Angeles. The studio contributed on different levels, ranging from Cg character animation to vfx and final rendering using Ubisoft's awesome real-time proprietary engine. The working experience was great: dealing with different countries and various creative minds always brings a positive growth to both our company and team. 

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3DAnimationcgCGICharacter animationGame cinematicstrailervfxVisual Effects

Job type
Directed By
Charles Di Gaetano (Sunny Side Up Canada)

Grant Kirkhope
Creative Agency
Sunny Side Up (Canada)
Ubisoft team (Milan)
Matteo Bigatti (Moria, Integration TD)
Marco Renso (animation director)
Tommaso Sanguigni (TD director)
Fabrizio Stibiel (Vfx Director)
Maga Animation team
Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Sandra Pascuzzo
Animation & Compositing
Stefano Trivero
Giordana Raccah (Supervisor)
Rita Serrazanetti
Chiara Porri
Alessandro Tarallo
TD and integration
Lucio Silla (Lead TD)
Serena Tripepi (Supervisor)
Giacomo Colivicchi (Lead Modeler)
Stefano Cristicchi (Modeler)
Suleyman Sacchi (Modeler)
Alessia Garofalo (Texture artist)
Laura Perfetto (Modeler)
Andrea Cespa



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  • The protagonists

    Donkey Kong

    The strongest hero ever!
    Donkey Kong
  • The protagonists

    Rabbid Cranky

    Powers over the age...
    Rabbid Cranky
  • The protagonists

    Rabbid Peach

    Cool and funny princess!
    Rabbid Peach
  • The protagonists

    Rabbid Kong

    Is back...huge and angry!
    Rabbid Kong
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