tha Supreme "M8nstar"

Music Video, 2019

School is still a mess, girls are not easy, but tha Supreme has a way to keep troubles at bay! 

Tha Supreme is back again! And also this year we had the chance to share and create his new idea with Racoon Studio for tha Supreme's second animated videoclip, "M8nstar": the latest song from the youngest Italian trapper deals with a rest wish, something which everyone can relate to, at any age. 

Racoon Studio translated this need in a visual form, a trip through the universe where tha Supreme eventually finds himself and a well-deserved peace of mind. "M8nstar" was realized in traditional 2D animation paperless, and went through a specific post-production treatment, which make it ultimately stand out in the Italian panorama of music videos.


2d animationmusic video

Job type 
Music video
Sony Music
Produced by
Racoon Studio
Directed by
Pietro Polentes, Marta Sofia Marzullo
Executive Producer
Hell Raton - DJ Slait
Design e direzione creativa
Pietro Polentes
Marta Sofia Marzullo
Animation Team (Raccoon Studio)
Marta Sofia Marzullo, Riccardo Galimberti, Federico Bressan, Rachele Santini
Background artists
Rachele Santini, Samuele Gaudio

for Maga Animation Studio
Animation Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
M. Elisa Fumagalli
Animation Team (Harmony)
Paolo Arisi, Claudia Giorgini, Stefano Trivero, Luca Barberis Organista, Francesca Pietrobelli, Laura Perfetto, Elena Ortolan, Dileep Lippi, Sara Mizzi


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    Tha Supreme

    I'm a m8nstar
    Tha Supreme