Action AID SuperMamma

Advertising, Commercials, 2019

Action AID: giving a helping hand can turn you into a super mum!

Through The Embassy, an innovative adv agency based in Milan, Maga Animation brought to life a 60'' 2D animated commercial where a mum, seeing a poor village, sets her mind on doing something about it. In that moment, she gets her super powers! Together with another local mum, they both get down to work: sowing fields, building a well to pump out drinkable water and a school where kids from the village can attend... It looks like a miracle, but joining forces can go a long way, starting from distance adoption.

Maga Animation took care of every aspect of this traditional/paperless animated commercial, from characters to backgrounds, always keeping the same 2D organic approach for everything. Colors are bright and soothing in order to set an ethnic mood which will drive us thorughout the whole story, along with characters' appearances and the surrounding environment.


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Action AID
Job type
2D animated commercial
Creative Agency
The Embassy 
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Fabio Paracchini
Creative Director
Fabrizio Piccolini, Stefano Zanoni
Art Director
Silvia Confalonieri
Giorgio Schirripa
Visual Designer
Niche Chathong
Team Account
Barbara Sammarco, Costanza PoiProduction Company

Maga animation studio
Executive Producer

Max Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager

Sandra Pascuzzo
Directed by

Paolo Arisi
Art Direction, Character Design

Alessia Garofalo, Paolo Arisi
2D Animation

Paolo Arisi (lead)
Claudia Giorgini, Riccardo Ragazzini, Francesca Pietrobelli
Sara Mizzi, Giacomo Rinaldi, Stefano Trivero, Gioia Petrucci
Paolo Gattuso, Teresa Bandini 

Alessia Garofalo
Stefano Trivero
Post-Production & Compositing
Giordana Raccah
Eleonora Di Nardo (Toomuch)
Sound Design and music

Demetrio Focarelli



  • Action AID SuperMamma
  • Action AID SuperMamma
  • The protagonists

    Super mum

    She gives her best to give people a better life!
    Super mum
  • The protagonists


    She's super Mums too, a friend living in a village that needs help