Venezia, National Geographic

Trailer, 2020

An emotional teaser, warning on the danger of global warming and the future that awaits for Venice and some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Maga Animation developed the whole CG project from scratch, with the aim to represent in the most realistic way the Venice snow-ball that sinks and ends up setting at the bottom of the sea.

The studio has taken care of every detail from modeling up to the final output with extreme care of the lighting, FX dynamics and water simulation.


3DcgCGIcompositingfxNational GeographicpromoteaserTV promowater simulation

The Walt Disney Company Italia
Date 2020
Job type Teaser for National Geographic Documentary
Chief Creative Officer, Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Suzette Pirozzi
Lighting, rendering, compositing Supervisor
Michele Molluso
Modeling, Layout
Alfonso Coppola   
CG Animation
Giordana Raccah
FX Supervisor
Nicola Danese
Motion GFX
Gaia Carrier Ragazzi
Elio De Ponti
FX & shading of footage
Mattia Bruno



  • Venezia, National Geographic
  • Venezia, National Geographic
  • Venezia, National Geographic
  • The protagonists


    What does its future await for?
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