I cosi

Animated series, 2005

Astute or silly, dreamers or spiteful, but always colorful and funny: these are the Cosi.

Very small and bizarre beings who inhabit the arid territory of the Cosakistan, a seemingly endless land - but that in reality, if you want to believe those who have been there, it seems to measure two meters and thirty for three and forty-five - the life of the Cosi flows placidly and perhaps we would get bored even if from time to time the usual routine was not upset by the passage of the Cosoni, (human beings), so distracted as to often let fall the most varied objects in the middle of the Cosakistan

The Cosi, curious and nosy, never miss an opportunity to get closer and explore these mysterious discoveries giving each time their own, fun interpretation and showing that anything can become a game if you use the imagination.
In this new series the dean of the Italian animation Bruno Bozzetto paints a new fantastic world, an ironic and surreal mirror of the vices and virtues of men.


animated seriesFilm/TV

HD - 26x5'
Job type
Comedy for Family and Kids 6-12
Created & Directed by
Bruno Bozzetto
Executive Producer
Marco Marcolini
RAI Executive Producer
Max Gusberti
RAI Producer
Annita Romanelli
Produced by
RAI Fiction, The Animation Band
CGI Animation Production & Compositing
Maga Animation Studio