ACQUA IN BOCCA™ season 2

Animated series, 2009

A fish tank. Two teenagers. Three minutes of sheer amusement! Pippo is a sweet, naive little fish who’s always lived with the Carugati family: father, mother and two teen-aged kids, Sara and Chris… who, like all teens, do nothing but argue with each other and with their parents.

One day, in Carugati’s peaceful fish tank, Palla suddenly appears. He’s a fish who has traveled the world, almost died in the fish tanks of the most fashionable restaurants and earned great respect in the most prestigious aquariums around the terraqueous globe.

He knows everything about life, but he’s never met anyone like Pippo, nor has he ever spent time around creatures as bizarre as human teens. 

Pippo and Palla (and we along with them) are all spectators who are left amazed,

baffled and amused by the family’s everyday life,a very realistic one, as any parent with teenagers can back up, but at times, it is clearly more surreal than the pranks the two fish pull. 

Palla teaches Pippo stunts, like how to play dead and break wind, and tries to explain to him how big the sea is. Pippo helps Palla understand the confused jumble of affections and conflicts in what they now consider their own family.

Three minutes of nonstop gags and jokes, two kids growing up, and a great friendship.


animated seriesFilm/TV

HD - 26x3'30"
Job type
Animated sit-com TV series for family and kids 6-12
Directed by
Guido Manuli
Created by
Guido Manuli, Elena Mora
Produced by
Maga animation studio - RAI Fiction
Character Designer
Guido Manuli
Original Music
Demetrio Focarelli



  • ACQUA IN BOCCA™ season 2
  • The protagonists

    Pippo e Palla

    funny friends!
    Pippo e Palla

Awards and mentions


Official selection
Animabasauri 2010
Bilbao - Spain

Official selection
Cartoons of the Bay 2010

Official selection
Xiamen International Animation Festival 2010