Disney Junior Cinema Party | 2

TV/Film special, 2016

Sixty minutes of games, fun and exclusive episodes dedicated to the young fans of Disney Junior Channel, with a unique master of ceremonies: Mickey Mouse.

Disney Junior Party is much more than a movie: it's an interactive experience for preschoolers taking place in movie theaters. Ideal to start smaller film sessions, Disney Junior Party offers little stories starring Mickey, Doc McStuffins, Lion Guard and Sophia The First which are punctuated by video clips and games that encourage children to sing and dance chaperoned by a special master of ceremonies: Mickey Mouse.

Maga Animation Studio created a CG version of Mickey and other elements, starting from the model up to the animation, including final scenes rendering and compositing. This year in particular, Maga inserted a tailor-made template, specially designed for each Disney property here displayed.

The project has been devised alongside the Italian and International Disney teams, and TOOmuch Group (Milan), as for the Art Direction, motion graphics and compositing.



Job type
Commissioned film
Produced by
Disney Channel EMEA
Executive Producers
Max Carrier Ragazzi, Raffaella Calvino Prina
Mickey Mouse and CG Animation
Maga Animation Studio
Production Manager
Massimo Gentili
Illustration for Motion Graphics & Texture
Alessia Garofalo
Art Director, project supervisor
Giordania Raccah
Character Animation
Claudia Arcangeli, Stefano Trivero
Motion Graphics, GFX & Production
TOO much
2D Animation
Teodolinda Cotti Gelati
Cinema 4D Animation
Fabio Bompani


  • Disney Junior Cinema Party | 2
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    Mickey Mouse

    Welcome to the party!
    Mickey Mouse