Bistefani, Panettone and Candied fruit

Advertising, Commercials, 2010

Bistefani, Candied fruit

With these new commercials, Bistefani makes his big comeback on TV with the CGI animated versions of the unforgettable main characters in top 80s commercials.


Carlo, an enthusiast baker is trying to explain his recipes, but has to face grumpy Mr Bistefani's constant criticism, as always.
The entrepreneur, mad about waisting too much money in quality, unexpectedly turns into Santa Claus. The two main characters design takes inspiration from the original actors as to maintain their features but, at the same time, allow an interesting cartoon interpretation.

Both Bistefani's commercials ("Panettone and Candied Fruit" and "Krumiri Bistefani") had different technical issues to be solved in order to get, as usual, the best possibile character animation. Maga worked on cloth, hair and fur simulation with the purpose of giving the protagonists a good look, coming off as warm and illustrated-like. Similarly, we focused on improving food's appearances through lighting, rendering, sub-surface and translucency effects, delivering it an authentic, colorful look.



Gruppo Buondì Bistefani
Production Company & Editor
Stripe Film, Gino Pinetti 
Creative Agency
Enfant Terribles - Milan
Directed by
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Sandra Pascuzzo 
Head of CGI
Andrea De Martis 
Animation Supervisor
Claudia Arcangeli, Giordana Raccah
Compositing Lead
Alberto Braga
Original Music
Original Bistefani theme


  • Bistefani, Panettone and Candied fruit
  • The protagonists


  • The protagonists

    Sig. Bistefani

    He doesn't understand Carlo's tenderness
    Sig. Bistefani