Management and tools.

the pipeline

Maga Animation's working method has evolved over the years, aiming to offer a perfectly structured yet flexible organization. This is our secret to mantain high quality in our products whilst keeping up with budgets, deadlines and evolving technologies.



Commercials, TV series, shorts, feature films...we manage all aspects of production. Starting from an idea, we can take care of all the process, from concept to finished product, including the integration with soundtracks and audio design. Our special priority goes to animation, artistic research and experimentation, the phases that best reflect our studio's philosophy and inclinations.


Our production pipeline was developed to fulfill these specific needs: efficiency, quality and flexibility. We've defined custom procedures and reusable tools in order to maximize parallelism between departments. As repetitive tasks are automatized, our artists have more time to focus on what is most important: the quality of their work. This creates a flexible and scalable workflow that gives all our artists the opportunity to push their limits and give their best for all type of projects.


Our productions are often top to bottom so when it comes to custom tools, our team of technical directors do their best to implement commercial softwares for CGI animation, compositing and visual effects. Scene manager, assets importer and cache automation are some of the custom tools that give us the opportunity to improve our workflow. Find out more about our Maga Shot Box™, Maga Asset Shop™, Maga TDs Asset Lab™ and Maga Cache Distiller™.