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Project Galileo, CG/VFX breakdown

Project Galileo at the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Immerse yourself into Italian cultural beauties and discover the lost landscapes of an ancient civilization...

Maga Animation Studio joined Jyamma Games team in making the CG animation of the "Project Galileo" announcement teaser trailer for the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Project Galileo is a videogame soulslike AA+ conceived for sophisticated hardcore gamers, enthusiastic to explore a never seen before Italian folklore.

Our team took care of the entire CG workflow, from modeling, animation, lighting VFX fluid simulation, rendering, and compositing to final output.

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Job type
Tokyo Game Show 2021 Teaser Trailer

Production Company Developer
Jyamma Games

Creative Director

Francesco Abbonizio

Maga Animation Studio team

Executive Producer
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi

Head of Production
Massimo Gentili

Look-dev, CG supervisor 
Alfonso Coppola (Modeling, Lighting, Compositing)

VFX supervisor 
Nicola Danese

Animation, Lighting, Vfx
Teresa Bandini - CG layout & camera
Michele Molluso - DOP
Alessia Garofalo - Concept Artist, previz

Narrator, Actor

Luca Ward


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