Milano, 3zero2

Brand Identity, 2016

Milano - Making of a digital city

Maga Animation Studio realized 3zero2 cinema opener by immersing the company's logo in its own working environment: Milano.

This project, in accordance with the customer's request, aimed at establishing a deep connection between 3zero2 logo and the city of Milan.
Our creative team's approach was to depict the outset of the logo's elements, coming straight from the inside of a full cgi-animated skyline, for the first time Milano became a full CG environment. Each element has been broken down, processed in geometrical structures resembling buildings, and then hidden like monoliths inside the city itself: this idea portrays a surreal atmosphere with elements floating in space and time, unexpectedly unveiled by the camera movement. 

As the first light of day sketches Milan's silhouette together with a captivating time-lapse effect, the different elements of the logo are unveiled to give life to 3zero2 label.Light and colors shed on the city have been dealt with so as to depict a smooth and vibrant scenario, moving away from a sharp and cold photo-real rendering.
The ultimate look had not only to accomplish a realistic and compelling skyline of Milan, but to confer warmth, and outline the opener as if it were an illustration or a hand-painted picture. As for the soundtrack, it has been composed ad hoc for this project and finalized by a live symphony orchestra.


Job type
CG animated/live action commercial
Created and Directed by
Massimo Carrier Ragazzi
Production Manager
Sandra Pascuzzo
3zero2 Project Supervisor & Art Director
Elio De Ponti
Pre-Production, 2D Presentation & Storyboard
Giordana Raccah, Teresa Bandini, Teodolinda Cotti Gelati
Lighting, Look Dev & Compositing supervisor
Michele Molluso
Rigging & Pre-Visualization
Lucio Silla, Serena Tripepi
Domenico Zenone Papetti
DCP encoding, Cinema Preview & Test
Artech Digital Cinema, Stefania Corsini
Original Music
Fabrizio Campanelli



  • Milano, 3zero2
  • The protagonists

    Torre Velasca

    built in 1950s by the BBPR architectural partnership
    Torre Velasca
  • The protagonists


    full digital Skyline